Multimedia Extravaganza

Hello all,

I have expanded Kim’s Creative Writing Corner to multiple different social media platforms, including FacebookTwitter, Pinterest, and YouTube.

The Facebook page is being used to share my different blog post. There are also some fun things being posted like Meme Monday, Wednesday quotes, and Q and A Thursdays.

The Twitter page is still a little bit of a work in progress, mainly because I just need to remember to post to it more. My ideas for the Twitter page is to give mini-updates/ sneak peeks into different pieces that I’m working on that day. I want it to eventually be a daily thing.

The Pinterest page is another one that I need to start updating more. The goal of the Pinterest page is to show different things that inspire me for any given piece that I’m working on.

The Youtube channel is premiering as a look into the inspiration of each piece on the blog. This will be updated weekly. Eventually, the hope is to have chats/interviews with other local creatives.

Thank you all for your support,

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